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What made me start a Hair Company?

Through out the years the evolution of the hair industry has went through some major changes. I was first introduced to hair extensions in my senior year of high school where all the girls had to get they're hair from the local beauty supply store. After my first experience with hair extensions I was in LOVE. I didn't have to worry about wrapping my natural hair and my hair could use a breather from heat. With hair extensions their were so many styles and texture to experiment with not to mention colors. With any product comes quality which results in a higher price tag. Two packs of good weave could cost you $120-$150 dollars for a sewin. Thinking to myself the hair industry is boomin and how could I be apart of it.

I began my research and GOOGLE became my best friend. I researched what beaut supply store hair was made of and to set myself apart and to go towards the more natural hair is when i read about VIRGIN HAIR. I'm thinking to myself BINGO I'm on to something. When you hear the word VIRGIN you think of something natural in its purest form. Virgin hair is 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Tangle Free and no shedding can be used for a year with proper care. At that point I knew I had to have it because beauty supply store hair you probably could use twice if you received a good batch that wasn't sitting on the shelves for months. My search became more in depth I came across articles on Indian hair with details of how many native Indian people would sacrifice they're hair. Amazing right!!!! So how could I get it? I researched vendors and a million websites popped up and I became overwhelmed because I didn't know where to start. I started to google hair vendor reviews and narrowed my search from there. I emailed about 15 vendors at one time and about 10 responded. I inquired about the process of how it would work to sample hair how much and the process of buying. Fast forward I found a vendor who was very good at communicating with me and answered my questions and even video chatted with me and showed the products. At first I was a little skeptical because they only accepted wire transfers so i'm thinking this is a scam. I told the vendor I would get back with them. After days of thinking the vendor said they will set up a paypal account to ensure they were a legit business and paypal would cover me int the long run. Whats a girl to do??????

I had been talking to my dad about it and he said go for it. SO i did just that I paid my money through pay pal received the hair and I tested it out myself and fell in love. After months of testing I felt this could be a good business after I get a few more people to test it out and give me they're feedback. After being a walking product tester people began to ask where I got the hair and what kind it was and where could they get it . Little did they know I had no answers but I was going to come up with something. Sounds good right but we all know nothing comes easy especially in business. Stay tuned for Part II of how I started my hair business.

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