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Got Edges

Heyyyy, its been a while since I've wrote a blog post , but IM BACK!!!!!! A company called Edge Naturale reached out to me to try they're product for edges. NOW ladies we all are crazy about edges and make so many jokes and memes about our

So I decided to give it a try being that I just had a baby(Hey mommy's man) and I heard all about post partum shedding and loosing edges. I didn't want to risk that chance so I said why not try this product along with continuing taking my prenatal vitamins. At the time while giving birth and a few

weeks after I had knot-less braids and decided to take them out and GUESS what my edges were GONE GONE so trust me loosing hair after a baby is definitely a thing for some women. I wasn't too concerned because i felt they will grow back due to hormonal changes. I started using the Edge Naturale Hair Follicle Simulator from The product comes in a little white container that is creamy and has a peppermint smell, I applied this on my edges once a day and within two weeks I have already noticed a difference in my edges, they are not where they use to be but I'm sure I will have my edges back in no time. I plan on using this product long term and other items they may have. I also really like that this product is made from scratch by BLACK WOMEN

I highly recommend this product and to document your journey to see the growth. Below is the product click on the picture to be taken to the website.

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