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Dream Big Little Brown Girl

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, nurse, lawyer etc? That's great because there will always be a need in your career field. To become a black female doctor, nurse or engineer is an amazing accomplishment because black women aren't recognized enough for having these titles. What if I told you that you can be a entrepreneur with those same career titles. You can be a doctor and have your own practice a nurse and own a health care service a lawyer and own your own firm. YES Little Brown girl become your OWN BOSS. Let me give you a few things on our story and why I say DREAM BIG do things that people say are impossible.

I'm sure at this age you have heard all about the horror stories of slavery which was a sad time for our people and still to this very day affects us as a whole in the black community after slavery ended our people still suffered. I call it generational slavery many didn't have the chance to get a proper education to learn how to read write or do simple math or learn about credit owning a business or where to even start. Many people today struggle with reading comprehension and simple math which causes uses to get scammed out of money, enter into bad contracts and put us in low paying jobs that don't pay enough for us to survive. One good thing I can say about our people is that we are hard workers and will go get an education. In reality how far will that get us? In no way am I shaming anyone for going to school and working I am saying we can do that and more. We weren't taught generational wealth or how to manage our finances or how to obtain good credit. Many of the big corporations are owned not by us but guess what they make a profit off us and we stay living mediocre. Come on little brown girl do you see where I'm going with this?

Today you have all the resources to become a Girl Boss in the palm of your hand. Yes I know being a entrepreneur isn't for everyone and that's OK. I just want to motivate you and let you know its POSSIBLE to dream big and have those dreams come to LIFE. Will it be easy no but with prayer hard work dedication the right people in your corner anything is possible. There are amazing women who look just like you who are single mothers have had heartbreak financial struggles and even some have danced to make a living and those who have been homeless that have made something out of themselves and help other women just like you. So yes it is possible to become a BLACK doctor who owns her own practice and makes a difference in black women's health, a BLACK nurse who owns her own health care service and a BLACK lawyer who owns her own firm and helps fight for other brown girls in the justice system. You can have your own hair care line, clothing line, those are just to name a few. Do what your passionate about and make it a reality. I just want you to sprinkle that Black Girl Magic all over the world while reaching out to another brown girl who looks just like you and letting her know to DREAM BIG.

Here are some of my personal favorites to follow on Instagram whose stories have motivated me.





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