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My 5 Tips for those who want to start a business.

1. Do it because YOU want to do it and not because you see other people doing it on social media and people seem to be making a lot of money. Look at social media for inspiration not confirmation. Many times those business people you follow don't show the behind scenes of how they started.If your looking to be popular and make quick money you will FAIL trust and believe 12K followers doesn't mean you'll have 12K in sales. People on social media are nosy, copying and stealing so followers really don't mean much. If all social media became non existent could you business survive if you answered no your not ready to own a business but, if your passionate about something knowledgeable and a expert at what you want to do it go for it.

2. KEEP YOUR IDEAS TO YOURSELF: I cannot stress this enough, when you tell people what you want to do 9 times out of 10 you will hear something negative, with the why how and what questions to follow. When you hear negative things it makes you second guess what you want to do. I call those DREAM KILLERS. Also people like to STEAL your ideas so please keep quiet. Remember not to announce your plans to soon, be 100% sure getting into business is something you want to do. Prematurely announcing things without a plan can backfire.

3. Don't get upset if your friends and family don't support your business. Remember it's YOUR business not they'res. Many CEO's of companies aren't wealthy because family and friends support they're business, they are patronized by STRANGERS whom they have never met. Think about it there are many products you purchase and you have never met the owner of the company or know nothing about them. It's something about they're product or service you really like. Me personally most of my customers are strangers whom some I have met but the others no idea of who they are. With a business you may offer a product that may not be a use for a family member or a friend for example my mom has a short hair cut so she doesn't have a need for extensions but she will refer my product to those who are looking for hair extensions or hair tools. A friend or family member who doesn't buy a product that isn't beneficial to them may buy it as a gift for someone else or they may tell others about your product that support goes along way. On the other hand if you have a so called good friend that has NEVER patronized your business, bought the same product elsewhere or never tells others about your business is a HATER. YES I said it. They don't want you to do better than them but then again that's not a friend. WHERES THE LIE?

4. Do your OWN research and don't copy. Doing your own research makes your testimony of a business owner more appealing to customers who support your brand. Regardless of the industry researching trial and error are the only ways to know how to run your business and what can help your business. Another important thing is to know your product if it isn't a product handmade by you. Know all the benefits of the product and be able to answer confidently if your customers have questions. Also if you want to get into business do not ask anyone these 3 questions. Where did you get this from? What company made this? Where can I get this and that. One golden rule any business owner will tell you is that they will NEVER reveal everything they know. It's ok to ask for advice but do your own research its not easy it takes patience and consistency, trust me you will find all you need. Last thing is to NEVER copy plain and simple you are showing that you have no creativity so you decided to go and copy someone else ideas but you cannot steal they're vision. Make your brand unique to you.

5. NEVER GIVE UP. If you truly feel this God's plan and your passion then do it. Yes you will fail many times but that makes the end results even more worth it. You will loose ALOT of money but it takes money to make money. Read books attend business seminars or get a business mentor. Again DONT look at social media for confirmation, yes its amazing to see business owners thriving but you don't see the behind the scene grind. You don't see a small business owner living in a basement a hotel living in there car or going through other things so its important to not give up. You want to make the blood, sweat,t tears, sleepness nights worth it so you can look back and say you did it. Opening a business isn't for everyone and that's ok. You cant do everything which is why you hire people that are good at certain things. Stay consistent if something doesn't work try it again but take a different approach. Its not going to happen over night it can take months and years but if you know this is what you want DONT EVER GIVE UP.

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