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Part 2 From Heartbroken to Hustler

If you've had the chance to read my last post you will see I ended stating that with nothing comes easy with business and for me at this point life either. In 2009 while still trying to figure out my hair company coming up with a name which by the way is EmbellishedGlamHair. Ill tell you later how that came about. During this time I was coming up with a logo design and brand colors that attract girly girls like myself who doesn't love pink? So there you have it pink black and silver are my brand colors now I need a website so I hit up my bestie GOOGLE and we got that started. The easy part was down but it takes money to make money at this time I was a BROKE college student working for penny's. If you know me you know I'm a true DADDYS GIRL, so i had a heart to heart with my dad and told him I needed inventory for my hair business and the cost. Just like that my dad gave me $500 to get my first big box of inventory he gave me the money because he believed in me and my passion for this new business. We agreed that I would take this first $500 and flip it to make $1,000 so I could pay him back his $500 and continue on my own. BET I got this thinking to myself.

During this time I wanted to have my prices together, business cards, website and shipping supplies together before I promoted my business and made my website live. One weekend I decided to take a break and hangout with some friends at a house party. At this house party is where I saw a old friend from high school and he was FINE we caught up and eventually exchanged numbers and began to hangout all the time and grew into a relationship. If my friends are reading this they know exactly who I am talking about. HEY GIRLS!!!!! Things were great the first year and a half.

I know I can speak for many women when I say the first year you meet the REPRESENTATIVE then as time goes on you meet the real person. He became distant, communication went on a downward spiral. As women we are natural detectives and we always assume the worse. Is it someone else, is it me he must be going through something. Let me give him some distance. I gave him his space and focused back on me and my business and one cold November morning my mom and dad sat me down at the kitchen table and said they needed to talk to me. I'm thinking ok what did I do now or what didn't I do. This conversation was different because my dad was the more vocal one. My mom with her voice trembling mumbled your dad has cancer Toy. WHAT!!!! It couldn't be how he didn't eat beef or pork he didn't drink or smoke this wasn't possible. My world was crushed but I had to be strong and tell him I'm here were going to beat this you wont be another statistic of dying from cancer. At this point Embellished Glam Hair had to take a back seat. The man who I love like no other is sick.

Fast forward to April my dads health kind of improved. Thank God for small victories. Also during this time ole boy resurfaces and we chop it up and we are back in action. I tell him about my dad and hes not too vocal on situations like that but he was in my corner so I thought. I was still not focused on hair because I wanted my dad to get better. If you've ever experienced a loved one going through cancer its tough to see them suffer. This was a tough time, all of a sudden the cancer start spreading and fluid began to build up in his lungs which required surgery. We didn't want surgery because cancer spreads during an operation. We believed in God and took a chance. Surgery went well but his condition didn't change the cancer was spreading again. At this point hospice was the only option and we had faith in God this will pass and he will have a testimony. How could this be happening my dad can't go he has to be here for us. It's in the bible that the will of God will be done regardless of what we want to happen. July 11th my dad gained his wings. This was a very hard time for me because I was a daddy's girl but at a young age my dad prepared me for life and unexpected life events such as death. The week after my dads death I had a wedding to attend in Vegas and I didn't want to be sad so my boo and I decided to go to relax and take my mind off of things. Vegas was amazing we had a good time. We get home and we go to his house for the night. I go to work the next day and realize I left my charger and my house keys at his house. I text him and said I left my things ill be over to get them after work. No response which was typical because of the type of work he does but the response time has never been over a hour. I call no answer so I decided to just stop by. To my surprise hes at home and theirs a car parked in front of his no biggie could be a friend/family member. I ring the door bell he comes out the back door and says what are you doing here. I responded if you would have looked at your phone you would know why. I said I need my things especially my keys. He said ok stay right here ill get them, which was weird because I always go into his house. He went in the house and I followed shortly after and in the backyard is a female sitting on the patio. I've never seen her before and I knew at this moment she was not just a friend. He comes out and I said are you busy he says what does it look like. Wow thinking to myself but my temper got the best of me I slapped him,she gets up and says whats going on I just left. At this point he could care less that I buried my dad a week ago and now this. Talking about a double heart break.

No one should have to experience this pain and it was the worst pain of my life I cried I didn't eat I couldn't sleep nothing no one said could help me. I went to work and was depressed. Healing takes time but I could never get over not having my dad but with time getting over this guy came with a lot of prayer getting out of the house and hanging with friends. One day I was just thinking I owe my dad $500 and I didn't have it to give back to him. I prayed like no other for God to help me. I got quiet and i heard his voice say turn your pain into passion and your fear into faith. I did just that I got over him, started back working on my business and had the best relationship with God. He got me threw it and my business started picking up my website was completed my logo was updated and I started shipping orders. I looked in my pay-pal account and one day it was $5000 in my account thinking to myself I said Daddy I have your money. Knowing him if he was still alive he would tell me to keep it. Since he wasn't around I kept grinding and I was completely healed from my pain. If I don't know anything else I know tough times done last. The pain pushed me into my purpose I went from Heart Broken to a Hustler.

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